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Old Releases

Source files of older releases can be found HERE

OFELI installation

The library is available in source form. It can then be installed on any platform where the C++ language is available. Note that a recent version of the compiler using the C++17-Norm is necessary to compile the library.

Compiled versions of the library are also available for download.

Installation of the library source

The source package to download is generally named


where x.y.z is the release tag.

The library can be constructed by the cmake application. For this end, once the downloaded package is unpacked, let's go to the created directory. You now have to create a directory, which we will call build for instance.

    cd build
    cmake ..
    cmake --build .

You can now run the tests by typing


All tests are run. If you prefer to display test outputs, type

    ctest --verbose

Now, everything is ready (if tests are run successfully). You can install the application on your computer by typing

    make install

This command may require administrator privileges.
You can adjust the installation destination (the "prefix") by passing the -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=myprefix option to cmake, as is explained in the message that cmake prints at the end.

Installation of the compiled library

The main directory contains a script file called To install , execute this script.