News - History of user visible changes

December 4, 2015 - Release OFELI 3.0.2

  • Added: operator= in class Vect to assign strings as regular expressions
  • Starting of implementation of ODE solver classes: More stable version in 3.1.0
  • Update of project files for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

September 20, 2015 - Release OFELI 3.0.1

  • Some parameters to read by class IPF have now default values (See corresponding member functions).
  • Petsc wrapping is now available. Not tested enough.
  • Eigen library interface implemented. Tested and will be documented soon.

    February 15, 2014 - Release OFELI 3.0.0

    • All source and include subdirectories are changed. You have to modify your source codes accordingly.
    • Fixed: An error in class Point2D
    • Added: In class Node, a member function SetCoord(Point)
    • Fixed: An error in class Timer
    • Added: Class for shape functions for the 3-D pentahedral element
    • Added: A member function Rescale for classes Domain and Mesh: It enable rescaling node coordinates

    July 25, 2013 - Release OFELI 2.3.0

    • Added: Shape functions for edge elements for tetrahedra
    • Improved: Documentation
    • Added: Some preliminary member functions to prepare for DG implementation
    • Added: Member functions for class Mesh to read mesh files in various external formats
    • Modified: Demo lelas3d: The mesh file has been modified to boundary conditions
    • Fixed: A bug in class Point<>
    • Fixed: A bug in getMesh.cpp in the function getEasyMesh
    • NEW: The ofeli package doesn't contain the devcpp project manager anymore, this one being obsolete. Microsoft Visual Studio and CodeBlocks projects have been rearranged
    • NEW: The XCode workspace for the library is now added. It is located in ofeli/tools.
    • Modified: The Domain file format has been modified.
    • Modified: The utility application GenMesh has been removed and replaced by g2m which has modified arguments. Once the package installed, type g2m --help
    • Real numbers typed double are now real_t
    • In class IOField, enumerated values for type are now member of class IOField

    September 1, 2012 - Release OFELI 2.2.3

    • A bug in class Triang3: Shape of sides was not right
    • In demo lelas3d (3-D elasticity): boundary tractions are added in the demo

    June 1, 2012 - Release OFELI 2.2.2

    • A warning in class Vect is removed
    • Fixed: A bug in application cmesh
    • Fixed: The new google search engine is now valid
    • Updated: Use of algebraic expressions in vector assignment in lesson1
    • The SSOR preconditioner is added to class Prec

    February 1, 2012 - Release OFELI 2.2.1

    • Fixed: An error in a file name (capitalization): File demos/electromagnetics/Helmholtz/Helmholtz.dev
    • Fixed: A bug in function MeshToMesh
    • Added: Member function setN in class Grid replaces setNx, setNy and setNz
    • Added: A constructor to class Vect. Some components of an existing vector can be selected to construct a new vector
    • Fixed: An error in class IOField
    • Fixed: An error in file README for lesson4
    • Fixed: An error in script make dist

    October 10, 2011 - Release OFELI 2.2.0 WARNING: If you use NodeVect, ElementVect, ... read this news before installing this release

    • Fixed: A bug found in member function Equation::ElementVector.
    • Added: Member functions Equation::ElementNodeCoordinates and Equation::SideNodeCoordinates to localize coordinates of element and side nodes
    • Main update: Vector classes NodeVect, ElementVect, SideVect and EdgeVect are no more used. There are even removed from the package. Class Vect replaces them, it can contain now mesh information. This implies modification of your codes if you install ofeli-2.2.0
    • Documentation file Demos.pdf has been removed from the package: Too difficult to maintain the pdf and html versions
    • Error messages are now replaced by C++ exceptions
    • In mesh and field conversion utilities, FDF handling is discarded.
    • The utility function fdf2xml is removed from the library.
    • Added: BMatrix, A template class for banded matrices

    March 28, 2011 - Release OFELI 2.1.1

    • Fixed: Missing files in documentation were added

    February 20, 2011 - Release OFELI 2.1.0

    • Added: Macros for element, side and node loops and other utilities
    • Added: Class BioSavart for implementation of the Biot-Savart law for electromagnetics
    • The library documentation is improved. In particular, pdf manuals are back.

    March 1, 2010 - Release OFELI 2.0.2

    • Added: Class interface classes for Level Sets ande Fast Marching
    • Added: Figure classes for defining geometric figures and computing signed distances

    January 2, 2010 - Release OFELI 2.0.1

    • Added: Class Funct for function Parsing
    • Added: Class Tabulation for function tabulation and new tags in XML files for tabulated functions

    September 10, 2009 - Release OFELI 2.0.0 New version with fundamental changes:

    • has now changed to LGPL license: It can now be used in proprietary codes and libraries
    • A bug in cfield: Conversions of fields now work
    • Calculation of gradient, curl and divergence in vector classes
    • A bug in DSMatrix is fixed
    • A new class (Eigen) for computing eigenvalues and eigenvectors is added
    • A new demo code for computing eigenvalues and eigenvectors is added
    • And many other modifications ...

    March 22, 2009 - Release OFELI 1.7.0 This is a major release containing number of changes.

    • Complete portability to gcc 4.3 is now guaranteed
    • Old format files are now deprecated and no more documented. Only XML files are to be used
    • A bug in cmesh: Conversion from gmsh file format is fixed (node codes were not correctly transmitted) (Thanks to S. Clain).
    • A bug in class DC3DT4 is fixed (Thanks to O. Corral).
    • A bug in Mesh constructor using Grid instance is fixed.
    • Class VDF is removed from the library.
    • Consistent capacity contribution in class DC3DT4 is implemented (contributor: Octavio Corral).
    • A bug in cfield: The case of vector fields os now fixed
    • Added: Macros for loops on elements, nodes or sides ... See tutorial lessons for instance.
      Be careful: Some of these macros use new global variales (theNode, theCNode, theElement, theCElement, theSide, theCSide) which are pointers to Node, Element, Side in nonconstant and constant versions respectively
    • Added: class Laplace2DFVT for the Laplace equation in 2-D using triangular finite volumes

    October 20, 2008 - Release OFELI 1.6.0 This is a major release containing number of changes.

    • The directory tests previously containing simple examples and demo programs is now split into 2 directories:
      • A directory tutorial contains the old examples, called now lessons
      • A directory demos contains the old demos subdirectory
    • The directory Win32 is replaced by a directory called tools with two subdirectories:
      • The subdirectory Win32 remains the same
      • The subdirectory Codeblocks provides material for developing projects in CodeBlocks. This one is is a multiplatform application and is available at http://www.codeblocks.org
    • All predefined file formats for input and output are replaced by an XML file format. Old file format will be kept for some time and then abandoned
    • Old MDF and FDF files can be converted into XML file by using the added utility programs mdf2xml and fdf2xml respectively
    • Class VDF is now called Prescription. This one deals however with XML files only
    • A new class IOField replaces old FDF class and enables handling new XML field files
    • Functions to store and read mesh and field files in XML file formats are called getMesh, saveMesh and saveField

    December 20, 2007 - Release OFELI 1.5.2

    • Fixed: A bug in ofeli installation: doc file demos.pdf was replaced by Demos.pdf
    • Fixed: A bug in member function Tetra4::getRefCoord
    • Fixed: A bug in building dev-cpp projects
    • More newer classes are now documented

    August 25, 2007 - Release OFELI 1.5.1

    • Added: in Documentation, PDF files containing presentations and examples of the library
    • Modified: In class Mesh: Node, Element, Side and Edge lists are now instances of valarray rather than vector : Faster. Sorting is implemented in OFELI by qksort.
    • Added: In file MeshExtract.h: New classes to construct lists of nodes, elements or sides with specific properties (e.g. common code)
    • Fixed: A bug in class Mesh: Some useless member functions were declared but not implemented
    • Fixed: A bug in class Point (== and != operators)
    • Added: A constructor in class Mesh to extract the mesh of a rectangular subdomain

    June 1, 2007 - Release OFELI 1.5.0

    • A bug in member function FDF::Get(NodeVect &) was fixed.
    • A bug in member function FDF::Get(Vect &,...) was fixed.
    • Added: Loop on boundary sides in Mesh: Now use topBoundarySide and getBoundarySide: Faster
    • Added: Loop on markes boundary nodes in Mesh: Now use topMarkedNode and getMarkedNode : Faster
    • Added: Utility functions 'print' for matrix classes to print part of matrix
    • Added: Utility functions 'print' for Vect class to print part of vector
    • Added: TCLAP library for argument parsing
    • Added: setPrintView methods
    • Added: A new class Laplace2DMHRT0 to solve the Laplace equation by the Mixed Hybrid RT0 method.
    • Added: Operators +=, -=, *= and /= for constants in class Vect<>
    • No control of element jacobian and number of nodes is now checked in shape function classes => More efficiency.
    • Conversion utility functions cmesh and cfield have now a different list of arguments. Please refer to documentation.

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