LCL1D Member List

This is the complete list of members for LCL1D, including all inherited members.

FIRST_ORDER_METHOD enum valueMuscl
Forward(const Vect< real_t > &Flux, Vect< real_t > &Field)LCL1D
getCFL() constMuscl
getMaximumLength() constMuscl1D
getMeanLength() constMuscl1D
getMesh() constMuscl
getMinimumLength() constMuscl1D
getReferenceLength() constLCL1D
getSolidZone() constMuscl
getSolidZoneCode() constMuscl
getTauLim() constMuscl1D
getTimeStep() constMuscl
HLL_SOLVER enum valueMuscl
HLLC_SOLVER enum valueMuscl
LCL1D(Mesh &m)LCL1D
LCL1D(Mesh &m, Vect< real_t > &U)LCL1D
LF_SOLVER enum valueMuscl
Limiter enum nameMuscl
MAX_LIMITER enum valueMuscl
MAX_SOLVER enum valueMuscl
Method enum nameMuscl
MINMOD_LIMITER enum valueMuscl
MULTI_SLOPE_M_METHOD enum valueMuscl
MULTI_SLOPE_Q_METHOD enum valueMuscl
Muscl(Mesh &m)Muscl
Muscl1D(Mesh &m)Muscl1D
ROE_SOLVER enum valueMuscl
RUSANOV_SOLVER enum valueMuscl
setBC(real_t u)LCL1D
setBC(const Side &sd, real_t u)LCL1D
setBC(int code, real_t u)LCL1D
setCFL(real_t CFL)Muscl
setInitialCondition(Vect< real_t > &u)LCL1D
setInitialCondition(real_t u)LCL1D
setLimiter(Limiter l)Muscl
setMethod(const Method &s)Muscl
OFELI::Muscl1D::setReconstruction(const Vect< real_t > &U, Vect< real_t > &LU, Vect< real_t > &RU, size_t dof)Muscl
setReferenceLength(real_t dx)LCL1D
setSolidZoneCode(int c)Muscl
setTimeStep(real_t dt)Muscl
setVelocity(Vect< real_t > &v)LCL1D
setVelocity(real_t v)LCL1D
setVerbose(int v)Muscl
SolverType enum nameMuscl
SUPERBEE_LIMITER enum valueMuscl
VANLEER_LIMITER enum valueMuscl
VFROE_SOLVER enum valueMuscl