To describe an edge. More...

#include <Edge.h>

Public Member Functions

 Edge ()
 Default Constructor.
 Edge (size_t label)
 Constructor with label.
 Edge (const Edge &ed)
 Copy constructor.
 ~Edge ()
void Add (Node *node)
 Insert a node at end of list of nodes of edge.
void setLabel (size_t i)
 Assign label of edge.
void setFirstDOF (size_t n)
 Define First DOF.
void setNbDOF (size_t nb_dof)
 Define number of DOF of edge.
void DOF (size_t i, size_t dof)
 Define label of DOF.
void setDOF (size_t &first_dof, size_t nb_dof)
 Define number of DOF.
void setCode (size_t dof, int code)
 Assign code code to DOF number dof.
void AddNeighbor (Side *sd)
 Add side pointed by sd to list of edge sides.
size_t getLabel () const
 Return label of edge.
size_t n () const
 Return label of edge.
size_t getNbEq () const
 Return number of edge equations.
size_t getNbDOF () const
 Return number of DOF.
int getCode (size_t dof=1) const
 Return code for a given DOF of node.
size_t getDOF (size_t i) const
 Return label of i-th DOF.
size_t getFirstDOF () const
 Return number of first dof of node.
NodegetPtrNode (size_t i) const
 List of element nodes.
Nodeoperator() (size_t i) const
 Operator ().
size_t getNodeLabel (size_t i) const
 Return node label.
SidegetNeighborSide (size_t i) const
 Return pointer to neighbor i-th side.
int isOnBoundary () const
 Say if current edge is a boundary edge or not.
void setOnBoundary ()
 Say that the edge is on the boundary.
Nodeoperator() (size_t i)
 Operator ().

Detailed Description

To describe an edge.

Defines an edge of a 3-D finite element mesh. The edges are given in particular by a list of nodes. Each node can be accessed by the member function getPtrNode.

Rachid Touzani

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Edge() [1/2]

Edge ( )

Default Constructor.

Initializes data to zero

◆ Edge() [2/2]

Edge ( size_t  label)

Constructor with label.

Define an edge by giving its label

Member Function Documentation

◆ DOF()

void DOF ( size_t  i,
size_t  dof 

Define label of DOF.

[in]iDOF index
[in]dofIts label

◆ getCode()

int getCode ( size_t  dof = 1) const

Return code for a given DOF of node.

Default value is 1

◆ getNodeLabel()

size_t getNodeLabel ( size_t  i) const

Return node label.

[in]iLocal label of node for which global label is returned

◆ isOnBoundary()

int isOnBoundary ( ) const

Say if current edge is a boundary edge or not.

Note this information is available only if boundary edges were determined. See class Mesh

◆ operator()() [1/2]

Node * operator() ( size_t  i)

Operator ().

Returns pointer to node of local label i

◆ operator()() [2/2]

Node * operator() ( size_t  i) const

Operator ().

Return pointer to node of local label i.

◆ setCode()

void setCode ( size_t  dof,
int  code 

Assign code code to DOF number dof.

[in]dofindex of dof for assignment.
[in]codeValue of code to assign.

◆ setDOF()

void setDOF ( size_t &  first_dof,
size_t  nb_dof 

Define number of DOF.

[in,out]first_dofLabel of the first DOF in input that is actualized
[in]nb_dofNumber of DOF