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An Object Oriented Finite Element Library


Input/Output utility classes. More...


class  IOField
 Enables working with files in the XML Format. More...
class  IPF
 To read project parameters from a file in IPF format. More...
class  Prescription
 To prescribe various types of data by an algebraic expression. Data may consist in boundary conditions, forces, tractions, fluxes, initial condition. All these data types can be defined through an enumerated variable. More...


#define MAX_NB_PAR   50
 Maximum number of parameters. More...
#define MAX_ARRAY_SIZE   100
 Maximum array size. More...
 Maximum string length. More...
#define FILENAME_LENGTH   150
 Length of a string defining a file name.
#define MAX_FFT_SIZE   15
 Maximal size for the FFT Table This table can be used by the FFT for any number of points from 2 up to MAX_FFT_SIZE. For example, if MAX_FFT_SIZE = 14, then we can transform anywhere from 2 to 2^15 = 32,768 points, using the same sine and cosine table.

Detailed Description

Input/Output utility classes.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define MAX_ARRAY_SIZE   100

Maximum array size.

Used in class IPF



Maximum string length.

Used in class IPF


#define MAX_NB_PAR   50

Maximum number of parameters.

Used in class IPF

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