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 Acoustic wave propagation problemsAcoustic wave propagation problems
 Conservation Law EquationsConservation law equations
 ElectromagneticsElectromagnetic equations
 General Purpose EquationsGathers equation related classes
 Fluid DynamicsFluid Dynamics equations
 GenericGeneric partial differential equation
 Laplace equationLaplace and Poisson equations
 Porous Media problemsPorous Media equation classes
 Solid MechanicsSolid Mechanics finite element equations
 Heat TransferHeat Transfer equations
 Input/OutputInput/Output utility classes
 UtilitiesUtility functions and classes
 Physical properties of mediaPhysical properties of materials and media
 Global VariablesAll global variables in the library
 Finite Element MeshMesh management classes
 Shape FunctionShape function classes
 SolverSolver functions and classes
 Vector and MatrixVector and matrix classes