Calculate data for Gauss integration. More...

#include <Gauss.h>

Public Member Functions

 Gauss ()
 Default constructor.
 Gauss (size_t np)
 Constructor using number of Gauss points.
void setNbPoints (size_t np)
 Set number of integration points.
void setTriangle (LocalVect< real_t, 7 > &w, LocalVect< Point< real_t >, 7 > &x)
 Choose integration on triangle (7-point formula)
real_t x (size_t i) const
 Return coordinate of i-th Gauss-Legendre point.
const Point< real_t > & xt (size_t i) const
 Return coordinates of points in the reference triangle.
real_t w (size_t i) const
 Return weight of i-th Gauss-Legendre point.

Detailed Description

Calculate data for Gauss integration.

Rachid Touzani

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Gauss()

Gauss ( size_t  np)

Constructor using number of Gauss points.

[in]npNumber of integration points

Member Function Documentation

◆ setTriangle()

void setTriangle ( LocalVect< real_t, 7 > &  w,
LocalVect< Point< real_t >, 7 > &  x 

Choose integration on triangle (7-point formula)

If this is not selected, Gauss integration formula on [-1,1] is calculated.

[out]wArray of weights of integration points
[out]xArray of coordinates of integration points