Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CBiotSavartClass to compute the magnetic induction from the current density using the Biot-Savart formula
 CDomainTo store and treat finite element geometric information
 CEdgeTo describe an edge
 CEdgeListClass to construct a list of edges having some common properties
 CEigenProblemSolverClass to find eigenvalues and corresponding eigenvectors of a given matrix in a generalized eigenproblem, i.e. Find scalars l and non-null vectors v such that [K]{v} = l[M]{v} where [K] and [M] are symmetric matrices. The eigenproblem can be originated from a PDE. For this, we will refer to the matrices K and M as Stiffness and Mass matrices respectively
 CElementTo store and treat finite element geometric information
 CElementListClass to construct a list of elements having some common properties
 CEquaMother abstract class to describe equation
 CEstimatorTo calculate an a posteriori estimator of the solution
 CFEShapeParent class from which inherit all finite element shape classes
 CFigureTo store and treat a figure (or shape) information
 CFuncApproxTo set function approximation methods
 CFunctA simple class to parse real valued functions
 CGaussCalculate data for Gauss integration
 CGeoModelTo set geometry modelling
 CGridTo manipulate structured grids
 CIntegrationClass for numerical integration methods
 CIOFieldEnables working with files in the XML Format
 CIPFTo read project parameters from a file in IPF format
 CIter< T_ >Class to drive an iterative process
 CIter< real_t >
 CLeastSquareTo compute a least square approximation
 CLinearSolverClass to solve systems of linear equations by direct or iterative methods
 CLocalMatrix< T_, NR_, NC_ >Handles small size matrices like element matrices, with a priori known size
 CLocalMatrix< real_t, 2, 2 >
 CLocalVect< T_, N_ >Handles small size vectors like element vectors
 CLocalVect< OFELI::Point< real_t >, 3 >
 CLocalVect< real_t, 3 >
 CLocalVect< size_t, 2 >
 CLocalVect< size_t, 3 >
 CLPSolverTo solve a linear programming problem
 CMaterialTo treat material data. This class enables reading material data in material data files. It also returns these informations by means of its members
 CMatrix< T_ >Virtual class to handle matrices for all storage formats
 CMatrix< real_t >
 CMeshTo store and manipulate finite element meshes
 CMeshAdaptTo adapt mesh in function of given solution
 CMusclParent class for hyperbolic solvers with Muscl scheme
 CMyNLASAbstract class to define by user specified function
 CMyOptAbstract class to define by user specified optimization function
 CNLASSolverTo solve a system of nonlinear algebraic equations of the form f(u) = 0
 CNodeTo describe a node
 CNodeListClass to construct a list of nodes having some common properties
 CODESolverTo solve a system of ordinary differential equations
 COptSolverTo solve an optimization problem with bound constraints
 CPartitionTo partition a finite element mesh into balanced submeshes
 CPhaseChangeThis class enables defining phase change laws for a given material
 CPoint< T_ >Defines a point with arbitrary type coordinates
 CPoint2D< T_ >Defines a 2-D point with arbitrary type coordinates
 CPoint< int >
 CPoint< real_t >
 CPoint< size_t >
 CPrec< T_ >To set a preconditioner
 CPrec< real_t >
 CPrescriptionTo prescribe various types of data by an algebraic expression. Data may consist in boundary conditions, forces, tractions, fluxes, initial condition. All these data types can be defined through an enumerated variable
 CReconstructionTo perform various reconstruction operations
 CSideTo store and treat finite element sides (edges in 2-D or faces in 3-D)
 CSideListClass to construct a list of sides having some common properties
 CSpaceTimeDefines a space-time point
 CTabulationTo read and manipulate tabulated functions
 CTimerTo handle elapsed time counting
 CTimeSteppingTo solve time stepping problems, i.e. systems of linear ordinary differential equations of the form [A2]{y"} + [A1]{y'} + [A0]{y} = {b}
 CVect< T_ >To handle general purpose vectors
 CVect< complex_t >
 CVect< int >
 CVect< OFELI::Point< real_t > >
 CVect< real_t >